Vaccines analysis

Vaccines can present challenges for characterization. ANAQUANT provides support for vaccine manufacturers and researchers throughout the vaccine development process including antigen characterization, single or multiple antigens quantification before and after formulation

Secure your bioprocess and control the consistency or your batches

  • Support development of a multi-antigen vaccine

  • Cross validate analytical tools

  • Monitor the antigens quantity

  • Get a consistent quality control

  • Substitute animal testings

  • Multiplexing and specificity capabilities of Mass spectrometry enable monitoring at every stage of the development

  • Use of an orthogonal method for troubleshooting issues

  • Monitor and improve your biomanufacturing and formulation steps with high specificity

  • Compare your batches based on our in-house technology standard

  • Develop, optimize and evaluate non-animal methods that cover key-parameters for demonstrating batch consistency, safety and efficacy.

Vaccines are among the most effective approaches to prevent and control many infectious diseases. The evolution of vaccine development has seen a move from whole organisms to recombinant proteins and finally to the epitope, the tiniest but the most immunologically relevant antigen sequence. This quest for minimalist vaccinology has seen a return for more complexity and design vaccines containing many epitopes. Indeed, the development of effective vaccines is based on the capability to induce immunity against multiple antigenic targets or multiple strain variants. However, the similarities between the strain sequences may induce some difficulties to differentiate them by usual techniques such as ELISA and be able to quantify them.

In this regard, the main challenges are to characterize, detect and quantify your antigen vaccines, sometimes very close, to push your early drug development to a future reglementary approval. Most of common vaccine development have failed due to a mistake in the early discovery steps.

Support by MS-based protein analysis we investigate vaccine development issues. The monitoring of vaccine stability and vaccine potency must be assessed by a sensitive analytical method like LC-MS.

In ANAQUANT, we can develop customized analytical methods from early antigen characterization to bioprocess monitoring and control quality of vaccine formulation.

Batch to batch comparison

Monitoring of antigen quantity before and after formulation

Cross validate analytical tools