Early PK/PD Study

Accelerate selection of your drug candidates from the early phase of research and development

Quantify your drug candidates with high sequence homology in the same complex biological samples with great specificity of LC-MS

  • Design of your study

  • Feasibility study

  • Quantification Method development

  • Pharmacokinetic Study

  • Your drug is unique, we select the best technical approach to meet your expectations

  • Your drug candidates have high sequence homologies, we target specific peptides of each candidates and define sensitivity of LC-MS.

  • With feasibility study we know exactly what we have to develop and sensitivity of LC-MS. At this step, we develop a robust method for quantification complex biological samples.

  • Use pharmacokinetic properties of your drug candidates to select the best one

Triage of drug candidates with high sequence homology

Improve understanding of mechanism of action of your drug candidates