Drug Discovery Support

Improve understanding of the biological pathology mechanism and secure your clinical trials.
Select your drug candidates at early stage based on their actions and properties.

Accelerate your method development for drug and target quantification with high specificity and multiplex capabilities

  • Analyse different drug candidates in one sample

  • Analyse 2 drug candidates with high sequence homology

  • Specify PTM sites of your drug target

  • Cross validate your immunoassay

  • No need to develop different antibodies to quantify your drug candidate. LC-MS multiplex capabilities allows quantification of your compounds in one analysis.

  • With our knowledge and expertise we can develop a method to quantify two proteins with only few amino acids differences

  • Specificity of methods we develop allows the quantification of several PTM on your drug target

  • Use an orthogonal approach to improve understanding of your assays

Early PK/PD study

  • > Triage new compounds with high sequence homologies

  • > Avoid immunoassay development at early stages

Post translational modification (PTM) analysis

  • > Specify impact of your drug on PTM of your drug target

  • > Identify and quantify PTM to understand biological pathology mechanism

Drug target quantification

  • > Understand action of your drug on your target

  • > Secure your clinical trials with selection of patient with good drug target expression