Drug target Quantification

Evaluate drug efficacy of your drug candidate and
improve understanding of biological pathology mechanism

Quantify your drug target in complex biological matrices without reagent limitation with LC-MS

  • Study Design

  • Feasibility Study

  • Analytical Method Development

  • Method transfer to your lab

  • Bioanalysis of your samples

  • Presentation of our different analytical strategies to select the best one according to your project

  • Evaluation of sensitivity and specificity of LC-MS on your drug target to identify key points to develop

  • Development of a specific and robust method using knowledge obtain during feasibility study

  • Thanks to our proprietary technology READYBEADS, method transfer inter-laboratory become easy.

  • We use the robust developed method to quantify your drug target in patients or animal model of your choice

Assess Drug efficacy

Understand biological pathology mechanism

Select your patients to secure your clinical trials