Specific Host Cell Protein analysis

Secure your clinical trials and reinforce your regulatory files with
specific quantification of potential immunogenic proteins

Multiplex targeted quantification of specific HCPs without antibody and in all kind of cell lines

  • Method development for specific HCPs quantification

  • Get access to a library of quantification method of HCPs

  • Bioanalysis of your samples

  • Detailed report and recomandations

  • We work with knowledge acquire during global analysis of HCPs in your samples or from scratch with our know how and expertise

  • We have already a library of quantification method of more than 40 specific HCPs

  • We analyse your samples with a multiplex quantification method with a more sensitive and robust technological approach for risky HCPs

  • You will have accurate amount of quantified HCPs and recomandations based on our know how and expertise

Cross validation of immunoassays

Accurate Batch to Batch Comparison

Extended Cell Line Comparison

Monitoring of Purification Steps