Monitoring of Protein Expression in Gene & Cell therapy

We develop a specific quantification of the expression of the protein of interest
in complex biological samples or in cell culture

Specific quantification to meet your needs

  • Design of your study

  • Feasibility Study

  • Specific method development

  • Batch to batch comparison

  • Detailed final report and recomandation

  • Sharing of expertise to get the best technical approach

  • Secure your budget: We work with your sample to be sure that our technology answers your needs

  • Thanks to our expertise and the feasibility study, we are able to develop the best sample preparation to reach your needs

  • Our developped method is know ready to control your production batches

  • Sharing of expertise to improve your knowledge on your product

Control the expression of chimeric proteins

Verify protein sequences

Quantify the expression of endogenous protein of animal models

Assess the expression of protein isoforms