Host Cell Protein analysis

Reinforce your regulatory information for an approved marketing application.
Improve your confidence in your biomanufacturing robustness and consistency to secure your clinical trials

Get full identification and quantification of your HCP without limitation due to the use of antibodies

  • Generic immunoassay does not suit to your project

  • You work with "exotic" cell lines

  • Optimise your Down Stream Process (DSP)

  • Individual amount of all Identified HCP

  • The coverage you obtain does not meet your expectation or major HCPs are not quantified with commercial kits. With LC-MS approach, you obtain full identification of HCPs independently of antibody reagents.

  • No commercial kits are available. Database we use allow us to work on the cell line of your choice.

  • With the list of identified HCPs, we give you information of physicochemical properties to help you understand each step of your DSP.

  • Our proprietary technology allows a relative quantification of all identified HCPs to reinforce consistency study and improvement of DSP.

To complete our technological offer based on Mass spectrometry, ANAQUANT built a partnership with ID Biotech to propose 2D gel analysis and customised immunoassay for HCPs analysis.

Batch to batch comparison

Cell line Comparison

Monitoring of Purification steps during DSP

Quantification of specific HCPs