What makes ANAQUANT so special?

We ensure a close relationship with our customers, that’s why Pharmaceuticals & Biotech companies entrust us with their projects.

Whether you are concerned by upfront research, quality control, or clinical study, ANAQUANT provides tailor-made services for protein quantification from feasibility study to samples bioanalysis.

Through its high added-value offer applied to biomarker and biologics analysis, ANAQUANT aims to propose you an orthogonal antibody-free alternative to immunoassay approach in order to:

  • Simplify and accelerate the development of your bioanalytical tests during R&D stage
  • Quickly validate or unvalidate your scientific hypotheses with limited expenses and risk
  • Compare results with your reference method,
  • Bring additional analytical information like precise measurement of proteins modifications.

Based on targeted mass spectrometry (SRM and MRM3) ANAQUANT develops single or multiplexed assay in small sample volume and complex biological matrices.

Our quality certification

To continually improved the quality of our products and services and then offer you the best solutions, ANAQUANT is certified ISO:9001.

Here’s how we work…

The project manager is your direct & single contact partner.

A dedicated project manager is assigned to your Project and will be your single point of contact for all communication.
This dedicated person will prepare regular reports on the implementation of the analysis throughout the entire project.

anaquant workflow

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