READYBEADS™ Technology

Trust your standards

READYBEADS is a new concept for ready to use standard solutions.

It allows the preparation of very complex mixture in a minute. Thanks to the unique property of its polymer, READYBEADS improves the solubility and the stability of the coated molecules.

This innovative approach is based on a water soluble biopolymere that does not interfere with mass spectrometry analysis , where internal standards of your choice are coated. The coated READYBEADS will be disolved directly in your sample to release the internal standards at a controlled concentration. READYBEADS can also be used to perform calibration curves using one bead per concentration point.

In ANAQUANT, we developed a new technology named READYBEADS to tackle these difficulties. With READYBEADS, you get access to a ready to use approach

  • One step approach
  • Fast preparation of standard solutions
  • Stable at room temperature
  • As easy with dozens of molecules as with one
  • Operateur independent
  • High reproducibility between beads
  • Avoid weighing

READYBEADS is a highly reproducible technology with less than 4% of variation of the amount of molecules coated on each bead.

Readybeads reproducibility

 Thanks to READYBEADS, it becomes easy to work with non stable peptides and to obtain reproducible solution at low concentration levels.

READYBEADS stability

Who is behind the development of READYBEADS™?

Christelle JACQUET is a doctor of Pharmacy. She is responsible for the production of your customized READYBEADS™ with the help of ANAQUANT laboratory technicians. Thank to her experience in several big pharma companies, she is also in charge of the ISO 9001 certification process for both the service and production activities of ANAQUANT.

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Feel free to contact us if you want to evaluate the technology on your molecules.

Our business developer, Quentin ENJALBERT (PhD), will be delighted to provide you a customized quotation.




Customized for your own application


We customize our READYBEADS for you application, contact us for details



We developed our own Peptide Mix for Retention Time calibration called RT BEADS.

This kit is based on READYBEADS technology, contact us for details