Analytical method development for Biologics

ANAQUANT designs and develops analytical method for characterization & quantification of your Biologics.

Based on EMA guidelines, ANAQUANT offers customized services to contribute to the Critical Quality Attribute evaluation of biologics, biotherapeutics  and the bioprocess validation.

Two kinds of approaches, MRM/SRM and MRM3 allows ANAQUANT to develop robust assays in crude biological matrix.


  • Secure your biotherapeutic development program thanks to a performant technology which gives you reliable data on your product quality
  • Earn time in the development of your bioanalytical tools with a sensitive and accurate antibody-free technology.
  • Get access to high-level scientific advices in the protein(s) assay to implement in response to your challenge.
  • Control your outsourced R&D through a trusted partner experienced in industrial project management – a computer data security process and backup equipment access.

Download our application note on specific and multiplex PKPD analysis of insulin analogs and their metabolites.

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Main Applications


Identity and quantity test for antibodies, proteins and vaccines

Specific degradation pathways of proteins (eg: oxidation, deamidation, aggregation…)

Low levels of Host Cell Proteins impurities (HCPs) and raw materials

Biosimilar comparability study

Comparability study after scale-up of the manufacturing process

Main advantages


Multiplexed assays to quantify all HCPs


Specific quantitation of variable modifications

animal-model- to-human-anaquant

Methods easily transferable from animal models to human


Short assay development time