ANAQUANT, Your trusted partner  

Provides stable and reproducible standards tailored to your needs.
Helps you characterize and quantify your Biologics to move forward in your studies.
Secures robustness of your Biomarker development program.

Host Cell Proteins

Accurate methods
For HCPs detection and quantification

A targeted  approach to control your purification steps with Limits of Quantification (LOQ) for HCPs  from 5 to 10 ppm.


READYBEADS™, Trust your standards

We create your own kit of standards on READYBEADS™.
Accuracy, reproducibility & stability guaranteed.

“We were very satisfied with the use of Readybeads
Ana VARGAS RODRIGUEZ, Head of Mass-spectrometry Lab, SANOFI ARAMON


Protein quantification tailored to your needs

High added-value services for pharmaceutical and biotech companies involved in the development of biotherapeutics (therapeutic protein, antibody, vaccine, biosimilar, gene therapy) or therapeutic peptides.


Targeted Quantitation

MRM and MRM3 technology, antibody-free alternative to immunoassay approach  for targeted quantitation of single or multiplexed biomarkers/protein modification.