RTBEADS Retention Time Calibration Kit

Retention Time calibration kit for 250 samples.


The RT BEADS kit is based on 14 non-naturally occurring synthetic peptides coated on the READYBEADS technology. Peptides have been chosen because their sequences do not match with any known proteome. The peptides do not contain methionine, tryptophan, cysteine, and N-terminal glutamine residues.

Moreover, once in solution, peptides are stable for 1 week and allow you to avoid aliquot.

The RT BEADS kit allows calibrating your samples retention time (RT), monitoring your LC-MS performance and normalizing your LC-MS signal.

It can be applied on Nano, capillary and conventional liquid chromatography using trap-elute configurations or direct injection.



1 RT BEADS Kit contains

  • 5 RT BEADS coated with 14 peptides
  • 1 RT BEADS is sufficient for approximately 50 samples of 20µL.

With a RT BEADS kit you can analyze 250 samples of 20µL.

RT BEADS kit is used to calibrate LC system and normalize your sample for batch to batch comparison.
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