Evaluation and validation of biomarker
tailored to your clinical question
and to your list of putative biomarkers.

ANAQUANT expertise in performing single or multiplexed biomarkers assays will contribute to:
Secure the robustness of  your biomarker development program

Limit failure and get quick answers of the feasibility of your study

Earn time in the development of your bioanalytical tools with an antibody free technology

Get access to high level scientific advices in response to your challenges

Control your outsourced R&D through a trusted partner experienced in industrial project management

ANAQUANT development process:

Biomarker Validation

We worked on several topics such as Accurate Kidney or Liver Failure, Prostate biomarkers but also phosphorylated protein markers.

Download our Poster about a use of LC-SRM method for phosphorylated portein analysis:

Use of LC-SRM method to characterize a mouse model and evaluate an aggregation TAU inhibitor treatment effect on mouse brain Poster

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markerQUANT is highly versatile and can be used in various application


Disease mechanism study

Evaluation of disease stages

Identification of new therapeutic targets

Early assessment of drug efficacy or safety

Identification of your targets in body fluids

Development of companion diagnostic test…

Based on MRM and/or MRM3, markerQUANT allows


single or multiplexed biomarker analysis (10 to 100 proteins)


specific and sensitive assays


in the matrix of your choice