PKPD-DMPK analysis

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Over the past years, large biomolecules interest increased in the development of new drug entities and biotherapeutics.

In ANAQUANT we develop analytical method for your PK/PD analysis on biotherapeutics.

Among them, Insulin is used for glucose regulation as the primary treatment for diabetes. Beside Insulin, few analogues have been developed to speed-up or reduce the bio-diversity of insulin in-vivo. Thus, Insulins analogues represent a major class of biotherapeutics and their detection is essential for therapeutic development and clinical research.

Nowadays, most biological measurement has been done using ligand-binding assays (LBAs). The main issue about these assays is the cross-reactivity and the non-specificity of this technique to monitor specifically every single Insulin analog. Quantification by ELISA-based assays is time and cost consuming and cross-reactivity makes differentiation between analogues very difficult. LC-MS/MS and SRM/MRM (Selected Reaction Monitoring/Multiple Reaction Monitoring) assays have demonstrated a high accuracy, selectivity and multiplexing capability.

ANAQUANT developed a LC-MS assay for the quantitation of insulin analogues and metabolites (lispro and glargine) in serum. The assay allows insulin analogues quantitation but also Pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics (PKPD)/ Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) studies.

3 insulins

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