Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs)

Method development for mAbs analysis for pre-clinical application.

Therapeutic mAbs have become a major class of biotherapeutic compounds used to treat diseases such as cancers.

One of the challenges for pharmaceutical companies lies in characterizing candidates with the best physicochemical and pharmaceutical properties (controlled bio-distribution, high affinity with the target, optimized half-life …). To characterize these properties as early as possible, multiple mAbs structural and sequence variants are selected and tested in preclinical studies such as PK triage. For these studies, the need of characterization and quantification of mAbs is critical.

Most of mAbs developed as bio-therapeutics have similar amino acids sequences base on immunoglobulin.  The main challenge in mAbs quantification is to develop a specific method that will quantify selectively the mAb of interest.

In ANQUANT, we provide mAbs characterization and mAbs quantification to support your R&D and pre-clinical phases.

  • Peptide mapping
  • Exact mass of intact mAb
  • Reduction of mAb into heavy and light chain
  • Development of specific quantitative bioanalysis for your mAbs

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Sample volume

Pre-clinical and clinical quantitation of monoclonal antibodies






Easy and fast reprocess



High specificity and high throughput